Millennial Voices

I appreciate the variety of the tasks I have on my day-to-day work, for which I am deeply involved and I would continue to be even if my application for Millennial Voices is chosen.

However, I have ambition to work for Otis at EMEA level on large-scale projects. Joining Millennial Voices would be for me a way to have a new approach of strategic projects with international effects, on which I could make my voice heard and share ideas. I’m also really excited to meet new people and to evolve on a new area.

Besides a real pride to be an EMEA Millennial Voices, it would be a source of additional professional fulfillment. Last but no least: it could be a great opportunity for me to improve my English 🙂

As I mainly evolved in SME before I joined Otis, I kept a spirit of versatility, efficiency and creativity, always user focused.

I think those qualities could be interesting for the Millenial Voices group.