My Project


The idea

On my daily job, I have to deploy an app called “Parts2” into several countries.

On this project, actions are required from our side (EMEA transformation team), from countries side, and also from other attendees.

To follow up those actions, we use to write and share reports after regular call..

This way of working don’t offer a efficient follow-up :

  • Users need to read the full report to see what they have to do (wasted time…)
  • Media sharing issues (size limit, attachments organization)
  • Users needs to wait the next meeting to share update
  • Can’t filter pending tasks depending on attributes : owner, status, priority….

To help us on those daily actions, I imagined a tool, simple to use even by not digital friendly users, on wich to fill and update tasks to perform, accessible from a computer or a mobile, and allow to provide status, comments, pictures, etc…

This tool could be helpful for all small projects on which several people or team work on.


A quick overview of the tool structure :

Task manager structure

Main features

  • A simple plateform where to fill all actions to perform
  • The plateform is a website : no installation required, accessible from everywhere
  • Mobile friendly design (responsive)
  • All tasks are assigned to one person or one team : a notification is sent to the person which have a new assigned task
  • Tasks status : new, in progress, complete
  • Users profils :
    • Project owner :
      • It’s the main user 
      • He can create all profils (observers, managers, team users…)
      • He can create tasks
      • He can update task : provide comment, update status, assignment 
    • Manager :
      • He can create team users
      • He can create tasks
      • He can update task : provide comment, update status…)
    • Observer :
      • He can create report, check tasks status…
    • Team users :
      • He can update task : provide comment, update status, assignment…


Here some screens to see what the tool could look like

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