Why do I like Otis?

Even before my first day, I felt a huge pride to join UTC group, which include prestigious companies as Otis, Pratt & Whitney, Carrier…

As many companies, Otis objectives are ambitious, but unlike many other companies, I notice that Otis really gives itself  the ways to succeed, with both financiers and human beings ressources.

We presented me the company as wishing to operate a digital transformation, and I notice during my day-to-day work that this idea is followed by concrete actions. The Millennial Voice initiative is a -great- example among others!

Beside business topics, I’m glad to see that Otis care about employees well-being : the company want to increase people’s skill, and I feel my managers want me to feel good and work on great conditions.

“Elevators” are not only Otis stuff, but it’s also a trues regarding employees carrer!

I personally appreciated that my managers trust me, the freedom they offer me to work on my project and bring new one. By joining Otis, I’ve found a “tailor-made” job.

That why I like working at Otis !