Who am I?

I like to say that my job was came to me in a natural and obvious way, unlike most of students I never asked to myself  “what job do I want to do? ”

In few words, this is my story :

In 2007, I made a break on my education.

I was living in an isolated village, without any public transport and I had no driving licence. I was like “stuck” at home, but I wanted to make business anyway, so what better way for that than an e-commerce store?

I started by selling on Internet fashion accessories imported from United States. During following mounth, I spread my activity to the ready-to-wear clothing, and I transformed my room into a “small warehouse”.

I quickly became autonomous, I created my own money by myself and it was a deep pride to be able to finance my resumption of study thanks to this activity.

More than just a way to earn money, it became a passion and I knew I had to work on digital/ecommerce business.

Thus it is naturally that I evolved in e-commerce companies during all my career, until I joined the Otis group 18 months ago, from the subsidiary Sodica-EPC which offered digital challenges in sync with my expectations.

Today, living surrounded with new technology, I like learning and keep updated about news on this topic. I totally recognize myself in your search for collaborators “hooked” on smartphones and on apps – social and other networks – which I use everywhere, all the time, for personal and professional uses.